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As a Rolfing therapist and Pilates instructor in Zurich, I am dedicated to helping you transform your body and achieve optimal wellness.

Relieve your body pain and muscle tension.

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Rolfing Session

A typical Rolfing therapy program is structured as a series of 10 sessions, each building on the work done in previous sessions to gradually and deeply change the body’s structure. During each session, I apply pressure to specific areas of the body, releasing fascia and other connective tissue restrictions. I may also use movement and stretching to help re-educate the body and promote better alignment.

180 CHF per session / 75 - 90 min.

RolfingNow is EMR certified

ZSR Number: 4486764 »

EMR stands for ErfahrungsMedizinisches Register. The independent Swiss company has been committed to quality assurance in experiential medicine for twenty years. With its quality label, the EMR supports the public in choosing qualified therapists.

As part of their supplementary insurance for alternative / complementary medicine, some health insurance companies cover a share of the costs for treatments carried out by therapists registered with the EMR. Contact your health insurance company for more information. Mention the ZSR number in your request.

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Movement Fusion​

Maximize the benefits of your Rolfing journey with my follow-up movement therapy sessions. Leveraging different movement styles inspired by Pilates and Yoga, I will work with you to reinforce the changes made during your rolfing sessions and help you achieve long-lasting results. You’ll receive personalized attention and guidance to help you strengthen your body, improve your overall mobility and flexibility, and say goodbye to pain and limitations. Embrace a stronger, healthier, and more balanced you.

130 CHF each session / 55 min.

Pilates Elevation

As an experienced Pilates instructor I will provide personalized Mat and Chair sessions to support you to reach your goals: Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, increase your flexibility, or simply destress and unwind. My Pilates sessions are the perfect addition to your Rolfing journey. With a focus on mindful movement and body awareness, you’ll be able to strengthen your mind-body connection and take your Rolfing progress to the next level.

130 CHF each session / 55 min.
  • Part of the costs may be reimbursed to you as part of your supplementary health insurance. Please inquire directly with your health insurance company about details.
  • Booked sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours beforehand, after which they will be charged. Missed or forgotten sessions will be charged as well. 
  • Payment after each completed session either in cash, per invoice or TWINT. 
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RolfingNow offers Rolfing therapy, Pilates and other movement therapies in Zurich to improve posture, reduce pain, and feel better overall. I am using hands-on techniques to manipulate the body’s fascia and educate clients on self-care and movement. I create a safe and comfortable space for my clients to experience the transformative benefits of Rolfing and movement therapy.

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