Terms and Condition

By joining any sessions of RolfingNow you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I take part in Rolfing therapy and / or other offered sessions by RolfingNow at my own risk and inform the therapist and instructor before the start of any session about restrictions and complaints as well as pregnancy. 

I will not hold the therapist, insutructor, partners or teachers or employees responsible for any injury I suffer solely or partially as a result of my not following the instructions or as a result of any physical impairment that I do not fully notified in writing beforehand.


Part of the costs may be reimbursed to you as part of your supplementary health insurance. Please inquire directly with your health insurance company about details.


Booked sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours beforehand, after which they will be charged if no other bookings are made. Missed or forgotten sessions will be charged as well. 


Payment after each completed session either in cash, per invoice or TWINT.